Special solutions

By CEBB HF Technology


Profile welding

  • Our welding machines can be equipped with electrodes or guides for welding the Omega profile, cord, zip, keder, etc. of various sizes.
  • This solution allows the track welding machines to weld meters and meters of profile in a linear fashion without the intervention of the operator and with the very short rise of the electrode it allows to significantly reduce production times.
  • On fixed welding machines, the polyzene guide allows operators to weld the profile with the same welding cycle.

Porthole welding

  • Especially in the field of rapid doors, welding for portholes becomes necessary and it is possible to weld 1200x320mm portholes or 1000x500 rectangles (only on wide plane welders) in one go with a dedicated electrode.
  • Great time saving and excellent welding quality for a special solution, very easy to use with our welding machines.